IT'S ON ALL THE TIME." Annie Leibovitz


Like a child recognizing themselves in the mirror for the first time, a portrait is a revolutionary way of seeing and experiencing oneself. Whole histories and a rainbow of emotions can unfold from a single photograph. Time is allowed to stand still.  My work isn't simply about pressing the shutter and taking a pretty picture. It's about imprinting the emotion and energy of any given moment and giving it life for years to come. My camera is the instrument that allows me a glimpse into your world and into places I might otherwise never see and I revel in being a part of this process.


I'm a wee bit obsessed with portrait photography and I'm fascinated by people and their stories. I am inspired by life and in love with imagination. I am addicted to delicious natural light and crave bold colour, dreamy textures and dramatic contrasts. I am proud and honoured to be a part of a genre that is bigger than myself. When I'm not working on photo commissions or personal photo projects, I can be found active in the local handmade community as a member of the Flock and Gather Collective and as a maker with my handmade wood transfers under the name of 'Madera'. I get really excited about teaching and mentoring others; I love art, film photography, connecting with interesting and creative people and can't get enough of a good adventure! 


I'd love nothing more than to give your story a voice. Thank you for stopping by, it would be my privilege to work with you!




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