Artful Wood Transfers


After 10 years as a professional photographer Macarena Sofia decided to fuse her love of photography, art and crafting and found the perfect medium that’s good for her soul. Madera’s photo to wood transfers are handcrafted using only original photography- an eclectic collection ranging from travel images, personal photos, and IG storytelling snaps.  Most wood used is upcycled remnants from fellow makers or scavenging finds. Macarena individually sands each piece of wood, many with a signature rounded corner, transfers the images, then finally finishes each one with an archival, UV protective varnish to keep the image and colours from yellowing or fading over time. The charm of this manual process is that naturally occurring ‘imperfections’ and wood grain subtly show through the transfer, lending a slightly vintage or distressed quality to each piece. Creating one of a kind works from petite blocks hanging on chain to art panels and large chunky blocks, Madera exists to inspire people to pay attention to their surroundings and to discover fleeting beauty where it’s least expected.

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